Frequently Asked Questions about Agency System

General Questions

What is RentGuard?

RentGuard is a secured technology platform for landlord and agents that simplifies rental collection frontier, enhances tenant-landlord relationship by providing excellent CRM services. Booking processes are done via online media, so you can get the booking process done from anywhere, anytime .it helps to save your time, as the tenant or buyer can make a payment online by using a credit card or bank transfer

Is my personal data secure?

Yes! RentGuard Is register under PDPA to ensure the safety of user’s personal database. PDPA was introduced on 2010.The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is an act that regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions. The Act applies to any person who processes personal data for commercial transactions (data user). This includes those who control and authorize the processing of personal data for commercial transactions.

How do I contact you?

​You can leave a feedback, or contact us if you have questions at and if you need support assistance you may contact us at

If I am dissatisfied with the services offered by a property agent, how can I file a complaint against them?

Step 1: Log into your RentGuard account

Step 2: Click ‘Bookings’

Step 3: Find the property handled by the property agent by referring to its booking number

Step 4: Click ‘View’

Step 5: The agent’s contact information will be listed below

You are then able to contact the property agent to file the complaint.

Do you provide a mobile application for RentGuard?

Currently RentGuard does not provide any mobile application. However, our website & systems are mobile friendly which allows users to access anytime, anywhere from their device.

About Account

How can I get an account?

As a tenant, you must first contact your agent, and provide them with your email. Once the agent decides to open a booking for a property under your name, the rentguard system will send you an email invite, asking you to register with the system.

How do I recover my password if I lost it?

Step 1: Click Forget Password.
Step 2: Enter your e-mail.
Step 3: Check your e-mail.
​ Step 4: Enter the new password and confirm password.

About System

How do I subscribe to RentGuard’s agency system?

After your property agent closes a deal, follow the steps below:

Step 1: You will receive an email and an SMS

Step 2: Click ‘Proceed To Approve’

Step 3: Create a password

Step 4: Click ‘Approve (√ Landlord)’

  1. Can I use my mobile device to close a deal?

Yes, as our system is smart device-friendly.

Could I cancel a booking deal?

Yes, however you would need to discuss with your property agent first before proceeding further.

Will I be able to keep track of my booking deals?


What do I do if I do not receive any emails?

Contact your property agent. He/she will be able to assist you with that.

Where do I find the offer letter in the system?

Step 1: Click ‘Bookings’

Step 2: Once you have found the booking deal referring to its booking number, click ‘View’.

Step 3: Click ‘More’ located at the right side of the page, then click ‘Preview Offer Letter’

Step 4: The offer letter will appear on your home screen