Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Collection System

General Questions

What is RentGuard?

Rentguard is a secured technology platform for landlord and agents that simplifies rental
collection frontier, enhances tenant-landlord relationship by providing excellent CRM
services. Booking processes are done via online media, so you can get the booking
process done from anywhere, anytime .it helps to save your time, as the tenant or buyer
can make a payment online by using a credit card or bank transfer

Is my personal data secure?

Yes! RentGuard Is register under PDPA to ensure the safety of user’s personal database. PDPA was introduced on 2010.The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is an act that regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions. The Act applies to any person who processes personal data for commercial transactions (data user). This includes those who control and authorize the processing of personal data for commercial transactions.

Do you provide a mobile application for RentGuard?

Currently RentGuard does not provide any mobile application. However,Our website & systems are
mobile friendly which allows users to access anytime, anywhere from their device.

How do I contact you?

​You can leave a feedback, or contact us if you have questions at and if you need support assistance you may contact us at

Is there any form for landlord to sign?

RentGuard is a paper free system. The whole system process is done online. Thus, it does
not require any physical paper form to be signed by either party landlord or tenant.

Do you have license to collect rental?

Our system is based on mutual agreement from both parties. Thus, it does not require license.

What if tenants don’t want to get the background screening?

According to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA), we are not allowed to provide
tenant screening report without tenant consent which is authorized by signing a form.

What if tenants don't want to get the background screening?

According to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDA), we can't provide tenant screening report without tenant approval by signin an authorize form.

If tenant agrees to do the screening, what form they need to sign?

Tenant needs to sign profile screening authorization form after he
agrees to do the screening

What is Tenant Background Screening?

Tenant background screening is a process that allows the landlord to evaluate tenant’s
profile to ensure financial stability of tenant and other past records. Each tenant screening
includes detailed on credit score, debt, payment history, legal case, bankruptcy, summons
etc. Our purpose is to assist the landlord in decision making whether to continue the
agreement or not.

About Account

How can I get an account?

Please contact RentGuard support team via
✅: 🌎:
You will be notified with further instructions within 3 working days.

How do I recover my password if I lost it?

Follow these steps to recover forgotten password. Step 1: Go to Log in page & click Forget Password.
Step 2: Enter your email.
Step 3: Check your email
Step 4: Enter the new password and confirm password.

Will the rental payment be transferred to RentGuard or Landlord’s account?

Tenants are required to transfer rent to RentGuard bank system, so system can keep track of rental process. The payments collected from tenant’s will be transferred to the landlord's account within 3 business days.
For further inquiry on our Rental Collection System, contact us ✅: 🌎:

About System

Can I use my mobile device to use RentGuard’s online rental collection system?

Yes, as our system is smart device-friendly.

Can I use my mobile to complete the deal?

Yes, our system is mobile friendly. You may use your desktop, notebook or smartphone to complete any deal, any time, anywhere.

What is Rental Collection System?

RentGuard’s online rental collection system is a hassle-free solution that primarily
functions as an auto online rental collection system which immediately debits the rental
payment from the tenants’ bank account or credit card.

How will RentGuard’s online rental collection system benefit landlords?

● Auto rental collection system
● Blacklist irresponsible tenants
● Secure security deposit
● Rental reminder & tracking system
● Auto invoice & receipt generator
● Free listing submission to over 700 agents

How does RentGuard’s online rental collection system flow?

Step 1: Landlord appoints RentGuard to collect rent.
Step 2: RentGuard sends an enrolment notification to respective tenants.
Step 3: Tenants pay their rent through RentGuard’s online rental collection system.
Step 4: RentGuard transfers the rental payment to the landlord.

What need to prepare by tenant to enroll this system?

● Tenant must have at least 1 activate online banking ac Tenant must have a valid email account
● To enjoy Reward Point, tenant MUST have credit card tie with online banking in order to make
rental payment
● E-mandate application will go through email
● Recurring Payment date will be 1 month after a tenancy start date
*Some cases will be later (e.g.: If tenant paid 3 months advance rental it will start from 4th month)
● Tenant must provide Bank Name
*List of banks available for Direct Debit (DD) as listed below count
Bank Name
●Affin BankBerhad ●Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad ●AmBank Malaysia Berhad ●CIMB Bank Berhad ●Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad ●Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad ●Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad ●Hong Leong Bank Berhad ●HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad ●Malayan Banking Berhad (M2U) ●Malayan Banking Berhad (M2E) ●OCBC Bank Malaysia Berhad ●Public Bank Berhad ●RHB Bank Berhad ●Standard Chartered Bank ●United Overseas Bank

How long does it take to transfer the rental money to a client’s landlord bank account?

The rental payment will be transferred into the client’s bank account within 3 working

Are there any supporting documents a landlord needs to submit in order to subscribe to RentGuard’s online rental collection system?

Yes, all the landlords need to submit their:
● IC Copy
● Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&P) - (Relevant pages)
● Tenancy agreement
● Bank name
● Bank account name
● Bank account number
Tenant must state either Tenant’s Bank Approval is One (1) User Approval or Two (2) User Approval

How do I subscribe to RentGuard’s online rental collection system?

To subscribe to our system, contact us through our email to

Why Is the Rental Money Transferred Into RentGuard’s Bank Account First?

  • To enable the tracking system to ascertain which tenant has paid and which hasn’t.
  • To send follow-up notifications to both landlord and tenants (who have not paid).
  • To send acknowledgement of receipt to tenants who have paid, with notification to landlord as well.
To gather accurate records of delayed or unpaid rent in order to blacklist irresponsible tenants

What are the Packages for Rental Collection System

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