Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Collection System

General Questions

What is RentGuard?

RentGuard is a tech company that provides a system to speed up booking process. Benefits of using our system are you don't have to meet face-to-face with the agent, you can finish booking process anywhere anytime it help you free up your time, as the tenant or buyer you can pay through online by using a credit card, bank transfer, or Paypal. you can keep track the booking progress as well without worrying your agent will runaway with your money, and you can print the invoice anytime.

Is my personal data secure?

RentGuard data is secured & protected under PDPA. The Personal Data Protection Act is an act enacted by the Malaysian government in 2010 to protect individual’s personal data in commercial transactions.

Do you provide a mobile application for RentGuard?

Our system are mobile friendly. However, our mobile application still in under development.

How do I contact you?

​You can leave a feedback, or contact us if you have questions at and if you need support assistance you may contact us at

Is there any form for tenant to sign?

Nope, tenant doesn't require to sign any hardcopy form. RentGuard support team will create an account for landlord, login ID and password will send via email.

Do you have license to collect rental?

There is no license require. It will be the mutual agreement on both parties, where there will be a platform which landlord authorise us to collect the rental in behalf of them.

What are the details in Tenant Background Screening?

Tenant background screening includes details on credit card, debt, payment history, legal case, bankcruptcy, summons and more.

What if tenants don't want to get the background screening?

According to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDA), we can't provide tenant screening report without tenant approval by signin an authorize form.

If tenant agrees to do the screening, what form they need to sign?

Profile screening authorization form.

What is Tenant Background Screening?

RentGuard provides tenant background screening service which allows landlord to evaluate prospective tenant that have a good financial record and history. Each tenant screening includes detailed on credit score, debt, payment history, legal case, bankruptcy, summons and more. The purpose is to help landlord in decision to whether approve or deny applicant who will take a great care of the property.

About Account

How can I get an account?

As a tenant, you must first contact your agent, and provide them with your email. Once the agent decides to open a booking for a property under your name, the rentguard system will send you an email invite, asking you to register with the system.

How do I recover my password if I lost it?

Step 1: Click Forget Password.
Step 2: Enter your e-mail.
Step 3: Check your e-mail.
​ Step 4: Enter the new password and confirm password.

Will the rental payment be transferred to RentGuard or landlord's account?

Rental payment will be transferred to RentGuard account every month for rental tracking purposes and the rental will be transfer to landlord account in 3 days.

About System

How to use the system?

After agent created the booking/deals.

Step 1: You will receive e-mail and SMS.

Step 2: Click "Proceed to approve".
Step 3: Just create your new password and confirm password.
Step 4: Click "Approve (√ Landlord)".
Step 5: Wait for the agent to arrange the payment.

Can I use my mobile to complete the deal?

Yes, our system is mobile friendly. You may use your desktop, notebook or smartphone to complete any deal, any time, anywhere.

What is Rental Collection System?

Rental Collection can be hassle for landlord who struggle to follow up with tenants to get the payment on time. RentGuard provides a hassle free solution to settle errands on rental collection with credit card or debit card and landlord will receive rental on time.

What is the flow for Rental Collection System?

  1. Landlord appoint RentGuard to collect rental.
  2. RentGuard send enrollment notification to tenant.
  3. Tenant make a rental payment to RentGuard.
  4. RentGuard transfer rental to landlord.

How Rental Collection System will benefit tenant?

  1. Auto Payment - Monthly deduction from bank account / credit card, no manual payment needed
  2. Reward System - Enjoy reward point or cash back from credit card payment